There are three types of people that Australia reveres as heroes: sportspeople (Donald Bradman), criminals (Ned Kelly) and lucky bastards (Steven Bradbury) – technically, this bloke falls into the criminal category.

A man (identified in the video only as “Tim, snag fan”) is facing a $9000 fine simply for trying to solve one of mankind’s oldest problems: how do you get a Bunnings sausage sizzle when you don’t want to leave the spa?

To be more specific, he’s facing a $9000 fine for flying a drone out of sight, within 30 metres of people and over a populous area, which is pretty much the same.

Luckily, there’s video, and it is absolutely a work of art:

Channel 7 interviewed the bloke responsible (although it seems he had a team of accomplices), and his reasons for doing it are, well, what you’d expect:

“One of my friends came up with an idea: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick up a beer’. Then it escalated from that and it became a Bunnings snag. 

“We spoke to the people at the sausage sizzle, they said yeah you can film us.”

He said people seemed pretty chuffed with it once the video went online:

“One of them said ‘What a time to be alive’, another one said ‘This guy’s a hero’.”

We can only agree. Watch the interview right bloody here:

Godspeed you! Tim snagman.

Source and photo: Channel 7.