Some dreams do come true. Sure, life isn’t always fair about whose dreams come true (we just covered the Aleppo siege cut us some slack), but it still happens.

And for one lucky fan, 6-year-old Afghan boy Murtaza Ahmadi, they sometimes, kinda, come true twice. 

Because not only did the extremely creative, extremely viral little man get a signed jersey from his hero Lionel Messi to replace his signature plastic bag, but Murtaza finally got to meet the football superstar in person.

Murtaza, who currently resides in Pakistan after having to leave Afghanistan in May, became famous after making a plastic bag into a makeshift-Messi jersey, bearing both the star’s name and famous number 10.

After Messi sent through a signed jersey in February this year, the two have finally met in Doha, according to Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organising committee, who tweeted:

“The image the world wanted to see. The six-year old boy who dreamed of meeting his hero, #Messi, finally comes true.”

Give a video of their fated meeting a squiz below.

Source and photo: Road to 2022.