WATCH: 4 Aussie Comedians Tell Us Their Absolute Shittiest Gags

Life’s all about being open and honest with yourself, so who better to talk to than people who usually put on a character to make you piss yourself laughing.
What’s the shittiest joke they’ve told? What’s something that doesn’t make them laugh? What’s their favourite thing about being a funny person in 2016?
We grabbed Rhys Nicholson, Sam Campbell, Prudence Vindin, and Luke Heggie to come and sit on our very comfortable pink blow up lounge, kick back with a bev, and answer some incredibly serious questions to see if they have nothing to hide.
Check out their confessions below.
Catch Rhys Nicholson‘s ‘Gaymes Night’ at next year’s Mardi Gras, and his new show ‘I’m Fine‘ at all the big comedy festivals. Luke Heggie will be performing his new show ‘Rough Diamonté‘ for the 2017 festival season. 
Sam Campbell is working on a very secret series (oooh mystery) that will be on air in 2017, and Prudence Vindin is working on new Frothocolypse sketch comedy, a pilot called ‘Popcorn‘, and regularly walking her beagle, Molly.