WATCH: 3-Year-Old DJ Who Won ‘S. Africa’s Got Talent’ Will Give You Life

No judgement please: you too will come savagely close to ‘death by cute’ after watching the footage of the 3 year old winner of South Africa’s Got Talent: DJ Arch Jnr.

Whether or not little Arch is doing a whole lotta something/nothing on those teeny weeny lil’ decks, we honestly couldn’t care less. Because DJ Arch Jnr is the cutest thing that has ever existed on Earth. 
Look at his lil’ headphones! And his adorable countdown software that helps him keep time! (And don’t even get all up in our grill about the irony of a DJ not being able to keep time: Arch is dropping fire mixtapes and winning reality shows, and chances are you were a mere spud that regularly pooed on yourself at his age). 
Watch him do his thing: 
R.I.P. you. 
R.I.P. us. 
R.I.P. everyone. 
via TIME.