Bees. Fuhkin‘ bees.

The stinging little bastards might be absolutely vital to the continuation of our global ecosystem, but you still don’t exactly want 20,000 of the fuckers swarming directly outside your car.

And that is exactly what happened to Carol Howarth, a 65-year-old grandmother and Haverfordwest, Wales resident who returned from her lunchtime shopping on May 22 to find, yes, 20,000 bees on her car.

A nearby park ranger spotted the swarm, and – worried that people in the nearby pub might attack the situation with pesticides – called the local beekeepers. (Can we just pause for a minute to appreciate, as the city dwellers that most of us are, that there exists in the world towns with local park rangers and beekeepers? Bless.)

The bees were removed, but returned the very next day to continue their grand theft auto attempt. “Our theory was that the queen was trapped in my car and the swarm were following,” Carol told the Telegraph“But they couldn’t find the queen anywhere so I’ve no idea if that was right.” 

WATCH: 20,000 Angry Bees Swarm A Car Searching For Their Queen

The beekeepers eventually managed to clear the bee demons from her car, and everyone remained unharmed. Except, of course, for beekeeper Roger Burns, who was stung about 15 or 20 times on his ears, neck and face for his troubles.

And the bees who stung him, we suppose. They’re also dead.

WATCH: 20,000 Angry Bees Swarm A Car Searching For Their Queen

Source: The Telegraph.

Photo: Facebook / Tom Moses.