Wasteful School Boy Hurls Sandwich At Julia Gillard

Tony Abbott has controversially backpedaled on a signed agreement to support the ALP’s political funding Bill, leaving the opposition leader’s credibility in question. What’s not in question, however, is the wasteful attitudes toward home-packed lunches of school kids these days. Such entitled behaviour was witnessed in action when Prime Minister Julia Gillard interrupted the trajectory of a salami sandwich, launched by a student of Lyneham High School, Canberra, today, where the PM was announcing the ACT had signed up to the Gonski deal.

When pressed for comment Ms Gillard said the boy, “Must have thought I was hungry.” which might have been a more plausible summation, had the offending sandwich not been flung frisbee-style directly at her faux Marimekko-print scarf by a guy in the midst of a fresh LOL.

Kids: Don’t throw objects at the Prime Minister; and more importantly you should never take small goods for granted. Listen to your uncle Karl:

Via The Herald