Uh-oh. Monash Uni is apparently introducing something called a WAP and is asking students to apply to become a part of said WAP.

What is this WAP, you ask? It’s not the “wet-ass pussy” Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion speak of, but rather the university’s Wellbeing Ambassador Program. Duh.

The acronym was spotted in an email and shared to Twitter by a user who added: “Monash University is going to get a surprise when they Google search the acronym of their new program.”

Good call. By choosing that name, they’ve ensured anyone who tries to quickly search for more info will instead be greeted by the audiovisual masterpiece that is “WAP”.

Here’s what it takes to join the WAP, according to the uni’s own website.

“We are seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join us in shaping the future of student wellbeing at Monash,” the website reads.

“If you have a passion for facilitating positive change and promoting ideals of inclusivity, belonging and wellbeing, then the Wellbeing Ambassador Program is the program for you.”

Now, this is no sledge on the program. From the looks of it, it’s an important initiative that will help incoming students and even be of benefit to volunteers. But like… change the acronym, y’all.

Unfortunately we still don’t know what the university’s official stance on wet-ass pussies is, but let’s hope they hold them in the same esteem they appear to hold the values of “inclusivity, belonging and wellbeing” in.

When Megan said “Pay my tuition just to kiss me on this wet-ass pussy,” she probably didn’t have Monash in mind.

You fuckin’ with some Wellbeing Ambassador Program, instead.