This Fugitive Drug Felon Looks Exactly Like Walter White & It’s Mething With My Mind

An Illinois man’s police mugshot has gone viral online for his uncanny resemblance to Breaking Bad‘s Walter White.

Galesburg Police Department shared an image of the 50-year-old man on Facebook last week, and obviously the internet went wild over it.

Todd Barrick Jr. is wanted in for a probation violation, according to the Galesburg Police Facebook page. And to make it even more Breaking Bad-esque, he’s wanted for *checks notes* METHAMPHETAMINE POSSESSION, according to KWQC. You just can’t make this shit up.

Complete with a bald head, glasses and White’s infamous facial hair, Facebook users instantly loved the connection to Bryan Cranston’s meth-cooking character.

walter white doppelganger - todd barrick jr mugshot

Disregarding the fact that the man is a wanted criminal, fans of the show flooded the comments section with gifs, show references and conspiracy theories.

Many users suggested that the whole situation was a stunt by Netflix to promote the upcoming spinoff movie El Camino, which is released next month.

I don’t know about you, but I doubt the Galesburg PD are going to be Netflix’s first call when it comes to a bit of guerrilla marketing tactics.

But if it’s anything like that time not-David Schwimmer was caught stealing a bunch of beer, I don’t think Barrick Jr is going to stay hidden for very long.

david schwimmer doppelganger mugshot

Just last month, the Ross Geller doppelganger was jailed for fraud and stealing offences after Schwimmer got in on the joke, likely increasing the public’s awareness of the wanted criminal.

As far as we know, Barrick is still on the run from police.

If you’re going to commit a crime, maybe make sure you don’t look eerily similar to a popular celebrity.