Diehard ‘Walking Dead’ Stan Got Norman Reedus’ Scribble Inked On Her Noggin

You know, there’s fans, and then there’s fans, and then there’s Norman Reedus fans.

Well we’re probably more likely to call people like this ‘stans’ because their dedication for the thing they fan over runs so deep that it seems straight-up ridiculous to the rest of us.

It’s not uncommon for stans to get tattoos dedicated to their favourite artists, bands, TV shows and actors, but good lord this is some next-level shit.

A fan of The Walking Dead has shown off her extremely hectic tattoo of Norman Reedus’ signature…on her head.

At a Walker Stalker event in London, Norman’s manager Sean Clark got to meet one of Norman’s biggest fans (probably one of the ones that would straight-up riot if Daryl was ever killed off on the show), and she showed off her prized possession – a big ol’ tattoo of Norman’s signature right on her scalp. Right there on her noggin.

‘Baldhead’ is Norman’s own Instagram handle, which is taken from his photography book from 2013 called The Sun’s Coming Up Like A Big Bald Head. Extremely fitting that this loyal stan got his scribble slapped right on her own head.

Fans are calling bullshit on the ink, claiming that it’s photoshopped, or not actually Norman’s signature (did he leave the ‘D’ out of Reedus? Is that how he signs his name? I don’t know).

Either way, damn that’s some serious stan work. Kudos to you, mystery bald-headed Norman Reedus stan.