Waleed Broke Herald Sun’s 20-Year Streak Of Gold Logie Winner Front Pages

If you can cast your mind back… well, a week, you might recall The Project’s Waleed Aly took the Gold Logie for best television personality, despite being savaged (gummed at, really) by several very salty sources. 

One of ’em was The Daily Telegraph, who printed a column extolling the lack of Aly’s winning virtues. Welp, it turns out that over in Melbourne, their sister paper The Herald Sun apparently wasn’t too keen on his win, either:

Last week’s first edition apparently held the first front page in twenty years not to bear the name of the night’s big winner. 

After digging through library archives, a researcher from Melbourne University chucked these bad boys online. See if you can spot any discrepancies between their content and the front page of the latest edition:

Ray Martin, holding his Gold Logie in ’96. Check.
Lisa McCune closing out her era of utter Logies dominance. Check. 
Rove McManus, certified gold Logie winner, cheesin’ it. Check. 
Absolute lord Karlos, presumably tanked, but he’s there nonetheless. Check.

Gold Logie nominee Carrie Bickmore, check. But precisely zero mention of Aly. Anywhere. At all. Not even his name. We’re not saying his omission was 100% purposeful, but…

Before we all go full pitchfork-mode, it’s important to recognise that’s the first edition. Print media is still constrained by its own physical nature, and papers gotta be out the door bloody quick.

Since the broadcast ran very late – and TV Week are apparently no longer doling out embargoed winners’ lists – it’s quite likely the paper had to run with that, as they’d have been following it live like the rest of us (we sure bloody did, at least.)

A snoop around the paper’s archives reveals a later edition of the paper did go out with Waleed’s win mentioned on the front page, but there was still zero photographic evidence on display. 

If you feel so inclined, have a gander at the full two decade run down right here. Coming in at a close second on the “oh shit” scale: the fact the Hun used to cost 70c. 

Source: Imgur.
Photo: Imgur.