Earlier this week, excellent human Waleed Aly gave an eloquent monologue on The Project, encouraging all Aussies to stop giving attention to that MRA ‘Return of Kings’ dipshit, Roosh V

He asked us instead to #ClickSomethingElse, and donate to a Sydney women’s crisis shelter called ‘Lou’s Place‘, which receives absolutely no government funding whatsoever. 

Well boy oh boy – do we have some nice news for you guys on this sleepy Thursday eve: ya’ll did real good.

The beaming hosts announced on the show tonight that so far, over $40,000 has been raised for Lou’s Place thanks to the campaign. The show itself also said that it would be making a sizeable donation, and are urging people to give last minute contributions.

Waleed Aly’s #ClickSomethingElse Helped Raise 40K For That Women’s Refuge

Watch below: 

Source: The Project / Twitter.