Waleed Aly: To Hijack Sexist ‘RoK’ Dickbag, Let’s ‘Click Something Else’

In his latest sure-to-go-viral monologue for ‘The Project‘, 10/10 human Waleed Aly has urged everyone, including media – *looks around guiltily* – to stop feeding the troll that is Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, the troglodyte behind misogynistic MRA website Return Of Kings.

Australia’s blood has been boiling since Roosh announced he’d be hosting meet ups in Sydney that promote the group’s fucked ideology that rape should be legal (how is that in a sentence, TBH) if it occurs on a private property, and general women-hating, with a petition garnering over 24,000 signatures overnight.  

But it became very clear – if it wasn’t already – that Roosh The Douche, despite all his bullshit tweets about hiring a private boat to infiltrate our borders if he had to, probably knew he had zero change of getting into Australia all along: so much so that Peter Dutton today revealed he hasn’t even applied for a visa.

Though acknowledging the public concern comes from a good place of social conscience, Waleed says “We took the bait” in tonight’s monologue, co-written by him and show producer Tom Whitty.

His proposal? That we reroute the conversation, directing our energy to raise awareness for Sydney woman’s refuge Lou’s Place.

“If you really hate what this man-beast does, I challenge you to join me by hijacking his campaign. Instead of linking to articles about Roosh, or responding to his calculated vile tweets, which will just keep him trending, I challenge you to #clicksomethingelse,” he says. “Specifically, click onto social media and share a link to Lou’s Place – this is a woman’s refuge in Sydney. You’ve never heard of them because they don’t troll people with deliberately outrageous sexist comments.”

He goes on:

“They actually do amazing work, and they receive no ongoing government funding. They rely on donations from people like you. So if you really can’t stand this guy, click on your online banking, punch in your digits, and donate some money using the details on your screen. Let’s hijack everything he stands for and click something else.”

Check the whole segment here:

How you can stop misogynistic internet trolls #clicksomethingelse Written by Waleed & Tom Whitty (@twhittyer) #TheProjectTVClick & donate to Lou’s Place at http://lousplace.com.au

Posted by The Project on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

If you’re keen to redirect your anger at this bag of dicks to a cause that goes against everything RoKs stands for, here’s some more information about Lou’s Place: “a unique, community-based refuge for women in crisis, homeless, feeling isolated or in need of support, [where women can come] to our terrace house in Kings Cross to rest, eat, shower, wash clothes and enjoy some company.”

Pretty amazing work, huh? If you’re in the position to donate, you can do so HERE; otherwise, they’ll always gratefully accept clothing and other services – no matter how small.
Source and photo: The Project.