Waleed Aly Now Has A Hard-Earned PhD Proving He Is The Brain Genius

What little doubt there was left is now very much erased: Waleed Aly is an extremely smart man.

When he’s not serving as a regular host of ‘The Project‘ on Channel Ten, Aly spends his days as a lecturer in politics at Monash University, working closely with the Uni’s Global Terrorism Research Centre.
Turns out that on top of all that he’s been chipping away at his sodding Doctorate, and today Aly received the title-changing sheep skin from Monash with his adorable family in tow.

Waleed’s PhD was done on the subject of global terrorism, and included a doctoral thesis with the brain-melting title “Towards a Structuration Theory of Global Terrorism.” We’re getting a tension headache just trying to process that alone, TBH.

Monash announced Aly had received his PhD in a press release issued shortly after the title was conferred onto the man himself, with Aly noting that the Doctorate was a “huge undertaking” that nevertheless was extremely important to him.

“It has been a huge undertaking, but at the same time very important to me to finish. There is huge value in the advancement of knowledge and exploration of ideas both on an individual level and to society as a whole.”

“I’m delighted to receive my PhD and to become an alumnus of Australia’s largest university.”

Now the real question remains: How many times will ‘The Project‘ panel refer to him as “Doctor” during his next stint at the desk?

Congratulations, Waleed!

Photo: Monash University/Twitter.