A mistrust of the banks probably isn’t the most unreasonable thing in the world but, if you’re planning on storing huge wads of cash somewhere else, maybe choose something to put them in something that you couldn’t easily accidentally give away.

WA Woman Accidentally Donates Cushions Stuffed With $25K To The Salvos

An elderly resident of North Coogee, WA made this extremely expensive mistake when she donated cushions containing $25,000 in cash to the Salvation Army.

The 76-year-old realised her huge fuck up and tried to go back to retrieve them, but they had already been bought by some lucky punter. She says she’s been keeping some (a whole bunch apparently) of her money out of the bank after the GFC.

She says she’ll be alright, but obviously that’s a huge goddamn amount of money:

“I’ve got a little bit of money in the bank which I use to pay my bills but this money was my security to help my kids if they needed anything desperately.

“I’m just hoping someone will look at the cushion, see the money and be honest and let me have it back.”

A reward is on offer for anyone who decides to give the cushions a wash, notices there’s 25,000 dollarydoos and suspects that something might be a little bit off.

Fingers crossed she gets it back.

Source: The Age.