WA Police Want You To Be A Huge Narc In Cringiest Online Vid Of All Time

We’re pretty sure whoever made this woeful promotional video for WA Police needs to be arrested immediately for crimes against online content.

The online video posted to the Western Australia Police Facebook page last week for their new ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ campaign is going viral for all the wrong reasons today, getting a much deserved roasting for being utterly cringeworthy.

The experience in supreme schadenfreude kicks off right away with a seemingly chill couple on what looks like a super basic date of sorts, soundtracked by the kind of shithouse royalty-free backing music you’d see on a TV ad for a local fishing shop whilst holidaying in Ulladulla.

Why are these emotionless white young people with the acting skills of an ‘Intro to Improv’ class on such a wholesome, “extravagant” date you ask? Oh it’s cause old mate Hair Gel is a huge fucking narc.

Yep, he dobbed in some other youths who were painting some street art on a boring, lifeless concrete bus stop, and not only does that mean that he wears nappies (wet ones too), but in the new WA cop’s scheme, got a monetary reward for doing so.


Aussie journo Brad Esposito shared the vid on Twitter earlier today and it has been rinsed hard:





I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Cops and social media should not mix.

Also? Fuck narcs.