WA’s Borders Will Open Early Next Year At 90% Vaxxed & It’s Just In Time For Hot Girl Summer


WA, the mammoth chunk of land full of beautiful sandy beaches and of course, beautiful men (*cough* Mark McGowan *cough*) will open state borders once 90% double dosed is reached early next year.

Speaking at a press conference today, Premier Mark McGowan said that target could be achieved in late January or early February (at the tail end of the country’s collective hot vax summer).

“This puts us in the best possible position to transition with minimal impact on our health, our economy, and our way of life,” McGowan said.

“We have done so well. We do not want to fall at the last hurdle.”

However, the official date won’t be formally announced until the state hits 80% fully dosed, which won’t be long now that the state is almost at 80% first dose.

WA is currently sitting at 65.4% of the eligible population being fully dosed and 79.9% having had their first dose.

McGowan also announced that when borders open, new restrictions will also be introduced, such as wearing face masks on public transport.

Other restrictions include:

  • Face masks required in “high-risk indoor settings” including on public transport, hospitals and aged care facilities.
  • Vaccination certificates will soon be needed to get into nightclubs, the casino, and large events with crowds of more than 1,000 people like at the football or a concert.
  • Revised COVID-19 event and safety plans will be needed.
  • Plus, entry to remote Aboriginal communities will be restricted “where necessary”.

It’s a small price to pay for open borders between states again, with much of the country previously in lockdown due to high COVID case numbers.

“After nearly two years, we’re on the verge of a new chapter,” McGowan said.

“A chapter that will reconnect Western Australia with the rest of the world, but done the right way — the Western Australian way, safely, carefully, and responsibly.

“To rush it increases risk and increases harm.”

Honestly can’t wait for a hot vax Australian summer.