WA Family Accidentally Brings Home Two Blue-Ringed Octopuses & Fuck To That

Talk about your goddamn close calls, folks. A family in Western Australia accidentally brought home not one, but two blue-ringed octopuses. Extremely fuck that. Don’t worry, no one got bitten, but understandably, they’re all pretty shaken by the incident.

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Aaron Pix‘s 11-year-old daughter was collecting seashells at Quindalup beach which she passed on to her father to hold in his pockets. When they got home, the family looked at the shells and noticed two blue-ringed octopuses, which are well-known for being poisonous as all fuck.

“When I pulled the shells out at home to clean them, there was this blue-ringed octopus in my hand,” Mr Pix told Perth Now. “We googled it and read that the bite is non-painful, so you may not even know you’ve been bitten, and it can be fatal within minutes.”

Yeah, no thanks. Old mate also told Perth Now that one of the octopus’s tentacles would have been touching his leg through the pocket of his shorts for “15 or 20 minutes” before he noticed.

The deadly blue-ringed octopus in Mr Pix's pocket. Picture: Aaron Pix

As you’d imagine, Mr Pix feels pretty lucky to be alive.

While the blue-ringed octopus is amongst the most deadly animals in the world, only two known deaths as a result of it have been recorded in Australia. Of course, there has been a ton of close calls like this.

The animal’s venom paralyses its victim’s muscles, resulting in death from a lack of oxygen all while remaining fully conscious.

You little shits.