Vladimir Putin is Making Things Awkward for Tony Abbott at APEC

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has had his first encounter with horse-riding bad boy and #swoleasfuck Russian Vladimir Putin at the APEC leaders’ summit and … it did not go very well. 
Abbott recently made headlines promising that he would “shirtfront” Putin if necessary to get some answers on the downing of flight MH17, but various sources, including SBS News, report that he has since “softened” his stance. 
He said that he is now simply “looking for an assurance” from Putin that Russia will bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice. Putin, however, does not seem interested, and reports indicate that he has denied Abbott a face-to-face meeting.
The only time the pair have thus far crossed paths is when they were placed near each-other in APEC’s traditional “family photo”, which itself is already being mocked across the internet for its Star Trek-like qualities.
Allegedly, after the photo was taken, Putin completely iced Abbott, walking away while chatting with Chinese president Xi Jinping
The two world leaders will meet again at the G20 in Brisbane, at which point, shirtfronting may be back on the agenda.

Images via News Limited