Aussies Are Calling Scott Morrison Out For His Shit After He Told Visa-Holders To “Go Home”

People are claiming the government’s lack of empathy towards people on visas is threatening to tear their relationships apart. Now, some Aussies are politely telling the Prime Minister exactly how they feel.

When Scott Morrison told people on visas to “go home”, Bonnie Burgess and her Argentinean girlfriend were devastated.

“It just makes me feel so shit that they’re literally turning their back on them,” Bonnie, 22, told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“They’re treated as money-makers for the country. They’re pretty much dehumanising them and it made me pretty fucking furious.”

Like many in Australia, Bonnie’s girlfriend, who asked not to be named, has lost her hospitality job due to the coronavirus. She’s been living in Australia on a working holiday visa since 2018.

However, a new job in the current climate seems unlikely. With no prospect of receiving income support from the government, the official advice for her is to return to Argentina. This is easier said than done.

In March, Argentina closed its borders to foreigners and imposed a quarantine period for citizens. In the meantime, passenger airlines have suspended their flights between Australia and South America, leaving people stranded.

Bonnie has penned a letter to the Prime Minister detailing how many visa holders and their partners around Australia are feeling.

Visa holders in Australia have adhered to and abided by your rigorous prerequisites.

These people have chosen Australia to spend their time, contribute their labour, invest their money and pay their taxes.

They chose this country, and they are now being treated as dispensable.

Even whilst facing the possibility of starvation, eviction, and the inability to pay study fees.

No one, Aussie or not, could have possibly prepared for this current dire situation. Not financially, logistically, or emotionally.

For many, simply “going home” is not a possibility. As you would know, many borders are already closed and the cost of flights has significantly risen. The majority of visa holders rely on casual jobs and do not have finances to just pack up and leave.

How can you leave these people who are most vulnerable behind, with no access to health care and finances to provide themselves with the most basic necessities?

Many others have made similar pleas to the government.

International student Wen Xuan has started a petition calling for Scott Morrison to apologise for his “cruel and ignorant remarks”. It’s already amassed over 6,000 signatures.

“Primer Minister Scott Morrison has made appalling remarks telling visa holders ‘it’s time to go home’ amidst the global pandemic COVID-19,” she wrote.

“We demand an apology from Scott Morrison to international students and visitors from other countries.”

People like Bonnie and Wen say they aren’t hopeful Australia will financially support visa holders anytime soon, but they’re still trying their best to promote change.

“I just wanted to create awareness among Australians that this is people’s lives we’re talking about,” Bonnie said.