Melbourne photographer Sarah Bahbah, who you may know a little better as Raised by the Wolves, is truly a force to be reckoned with. 

She grabbed us first with her series ‘Sex and Takeout‘ – and was therefore one of our 2015 Blogster nominees – but she’s truly outdone herself with her latest venture: an ‘Instagram television series’, entitled ‘Summer without a Pool‘. 

Summer without a Pool takes on a disarming yet decidedly charming 90s tale of sex, love, relationships, boredom, summer, rebellion, and coming of age. 

The story can be discarded if you’re time-poor, as each image is gripping as a stand-alone piece, but it’s far more beautiful as a quasi-narrative. 

We’ve included snippets throughout this article, but we had a quick chat to Sarah about the series and why she’s chosen to tackle a social media series that tells us a story of teenage rebellion and personal discovery:

“I wanted to tell a story in a new way. Each individual piece does this on it’s own, but when you bring the body of work together, there is a deeper narrative open to interpretation based on how it makes the viewers feel. 

The story is left open so those observing can draw their own conclusions based on their own experiences. 

I’ve never created anything like this and I hope the themes of this series evokes feelings of nostalgia and familiarity, and of course leave you wanting to see more.”

While ‘coming of age’ was Sarah’s primary inspiration, the images and story will bring to mind your favourite iconic 90s pop culture tales such as The Virgin Suicides, Reality Bites, Puberty Blues and even Picnic at Hanging Rock

The images will take you back to your own puberty blues, trying to discover who the fuck you are; how your personality is constructed, and how your body works. We are all very much aware that it’s usually shithouse IRL, but beauty can be found in these stories, as pop culture history tells us. 

Sarah will be posting around 3-5 images every weekday for the rest of the month in order to provide the ethereal narrative for her series. If you’d like to jump on board and follow the story, you can by following HERE: @raisedbythewolvesau


Artist/ Director/ Photographer: Sarah Bahbah @raisedbythewolvesau 

Models: @clairelauren97 of @viviensmodelmgmt & @npblondel of @scenemodelmanagement 

Clothes: @ohhenryvintage 

Makeup: @jacquibradfield 

Cover painting: @annalisaferraris of @chinaheights