Victorian School Enforces Ridiculous ‘No Hugging’ Policy

It’s a sad time for group bonding and trust exercises after a Victorian school has outlawed gestures of universal acceptance by banning students from participating in hug- and high five-related activities on school grounds. This sound. The ban has been enforced by the powers that be at Mount Martha Primary to combat a spike in the number of student injuries. Uh, kids…

So while hugs and palm-to-palm gestures of friendship are no longer allowed ‘air high fives’ are permitted, which makes it clear the school is oblivious to the fact that air high fives are the lamest thing ever.

Parents of students and feel good enthusiasts everywhere are outraged, and with damn good reason. Depriving these kids of the satisfaction from executing the perfect high five, or the warm fuzzy feeling after a good old fashioned embrace could be potentially damaging later in life.

In a show of solidarity we’ve compiled a few moments in pop culture that celebrate the hug and high five, from the disturbingly awkward to aw-shucks heart warmers. Here’s hoping the students protesting against the ban see it overthrown and the school can just hug it all out.

Edward Scissorhands Hug

Borat High Five

Cat Hugs Kitten

American Idol High Five (Fail)

Voldemort Hug

Words by Nicki Brogan