Victoria’s Floods Are So Bad Right Now That The SES Said It Was Their Busiest 24 Hours Ever

Victoria Floods

A man has died, thousands are without power, and the SES has recorded its “busiest 24 hours” ever as heavy rains and wild weather exacerbates Victoria floods.

While NSW freezes, Victoria is being overwhelmed by heavy rain and wild weather, particularly in the Gippsland area – with SES recording its busiest day ever.

David Baker, the commander of the Victorian State Emergency Service, said that rain was easing, but that the flood danger was still imminent.

He said it was “the busiest 24-hour period in Victorian SES history”, with the SES recieving 6,652 calls for assistance over the previous day, and 5,280 reports of trees down.

Yesterday there were 15 flood warnings, and while some of the chaotic weather has eased, things are still looking pretty grim, with people being urged to exercise caution. Over 150,000 premises were left without power this evening, and it may remain that way for up to a week.

“The flood waters are continuing to present a problem as the rainfall comes through the system,” Baker said.

“We ask Gippslanders in that west and south-west Gippsland area to be alert, to be aware of their circumstances, follow emergency services advice, keep abreast of VicEmergency warnings that come out and stay safe. Under no circumstances drive into flood waters.”

The warning comes as a man was found dead in flood waters earlier today.

Police confirmed this evening that a man, thought to be in his 60s, had been found dead at Woodside in South Gippsland, where weather has been particularly catastrophic.

A witness reported that a car was  “almost submerged” in flood waters, but the man had already died by the time officers arrived at the scene.

Sharon Gibson, the mayor of Latrobe City council, warned there’s going to be “two to three days” of further danger ahead.

“This is what they are calling a one-in-100-year flood,” she said, stating that whatever happens next depends “on the wash-up”.

“We still have two to three days of this, and runoff from the mountains. So until this is over, we can’t say ‘this is what we are going to do’.”

Gippsland has been one of the hardest hit areas by the Victoria floods, with people losing their homes and some areas being told to evacuate.

VicEmergency is urging residents who live and work near Traralgon Creek in Gippsland to leave and move to a safe location as the creek is expected to rise to 5.3 metres.