Here We Fkn Go: All The Best Reactions To Labor’s Vic Election Win, From Gags To Meltdowns

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

After an onslaught of wackos, yahoos and silly buggers did their best to derail Dan Andrews, the premier and his government have convincingly won the Victorian state election. So, as is the tradition at PEDESTRIAN.TV, let’s take a look at some of the most satisfying internet reactions and right-wing meltdowns following Saturday night’s result.

First up, someone needs to check on Sky News host and former Chief of Staff to Tony AbbotPeta Credlin.

For the entire campaign, Credlin had described the election as “a referendum on the most power hungry premier in living memory,” as per Sky News.

Well. How’d that go for you, Peta?

It’s truly giving Ja’mie from Summer Heights High.

Next up we had far-right anger merchant Andrew Bolt.

Bolt published a delicious display of his own ineptitude on election night, suggesting the same premier who just won an outright majority should… get this… “quit”.

This thought bubble was promptly popped by Andrews, who, in his victory speech drove home the idea that “hope always defeats hate”.


Meanwhile on the 7News election desk, former Victorian Labor Premier Steve Bracks was spitting fire.

Bracks told the Herald Sun (which Bolt writes for) that it had “zero influence” over the Victorian electorate it published “150 negative stories on the Labor Party”.

Former Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett then attempted to float that the ABC reflected a similar level of bias, albeit from a left-wing perspective.

It was truly bizarre viewing.

A few more spicy takes appeared on Twitter by people you wouldn’t invite over for a cup of tea.

Melbourne Demons player Tom McDonald posed a deep, philosophical question for us all to stew on.

Then, Sky News contributor Prue MacSween threatened us all with a good time.

There was also a smorgasbord of quippy takes on offer from every other side of politics that wasn’t the far right.

Please enjoy this hand-picked selection.

And there you have it, folks. The best, worst and spiciest takes from the Victorian State Election for 2022.

Join us again for the upcoming NSW state election on March 25 2023.

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