Just To Really Mix It Up A Bit, Parts Of Victoria Might Get Snow This Week

The Bureau of Meterology in Victoria has had a look at the cooler weather in store for the southern state and there’s a slight chance that snow may fall on some of the state’s higher peaks this week. Literally a couple of days after the furiously oppressive heatwave broke. Yes, this is real and no I am not kidding you.

[jwplayer vI0qg3tK]

After what’s felt like an age of temperatures well over 35ºC in Melbourne, it looks like the sudden temperature drop – which will bring the mercury down to a delightful 16º on Wednesday – could also bring some snow to the higher points in Victoria. This is simply absurd.

What is the god damn fresh hell is going on here?

As someone who moved to Melbourne a week ago without realising it was about to become a literal OVEN, knowing that it can turn around and dump snow on its peaks is astounding to me. This is absolutely how I catch a cold in autumn, isn’t it? I did not sign up for this nonsense.

It’s also bloody incredulous that the weather can turn so quickly that some parts of Victoria will be hitting freezing temps and other parts are still on fire. So while some folks will be dragging out their jackets and jeans two days after they were sweating out the ass in their jocks, others will probably still be waiting to see how the devastating bushfires have affected their homes.

There’s only one explanation for this; it’s nothing but lousy Smarch weather. Oh, that and probably (definitely) climate change-related because it’s MARCH and not the start of winter, Jesus Christmas.

Welp Melbourne I guess you better crack out the long sleeves for the second half of the week? I’m sure we’ll be back to warmer weather soon for a hot minute, and then: The Cold Times.