Police Have Found A Link Between The 65 Melb Women Who Were Sent Letters W/ Used Condoms Inside

Police have discovered a link between the 65 women who received personalised letters with used condoms inside.

The women, who all reside near Melbourne’s southeast Bayside area, have been found to have graduated from Kilbreda College in 1999.

Police believe that their addresses were obtained from an old student-made school yearbook.

Incidents like this have reportedly been happening for three months, with the first being reported on March 20 and the most recent on May 15.

Victims of this anonymous attack were confirmed to have been sent multiple letters over the course of three months. While some only received one letter, some women received up to four.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Grant Lewis revealed to A Current Affair that the letters were “sexually explicit, suggestive, and repulsive”.

“We’re having handwriting experts analyse the handwriting to determine, potentially the age,” he told the program.

Lewis also revealed that although not all of the letters contained a condom, all of them had the same postage stamp. Now, police are attempting to find out details from relevant mail centers, and stamp sellers to find out any information about the poster.

“It may have been found by someone who was not associated with the school and may have just thought it was a joke to start with and now it has become quite serious,” Lewis said.

Since the Victoria Police went public with the investigation last week, a cardboard box containing 88 unopened packets of condoms was found dumped in wetlands near Paterson Drive at Lynbrook.

Police are hopeful that this box could link to their investigation.

The incident is currently being investigated by the Bayside Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team. Anyone with information that could help with the case or victims of similar offences have been asked to step forward or contact Crime Stoppers immediately.

It’s absolutely fucked that something like this would happen to so many people. Hopefully, they find the worm who sent these letters with HASTE.