Two! TWO! TWO!!!!!

Victoria has recorded just two new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours. The DHHS confirmed the truly spectacular news on Twitter a short time ago.

Look at them numbers, folks! It’s beautiful! It’s glorious! It’s bloody marvellous!

That’s the lowest daily total since June 9th, which is one hundred and twenty nine days ago.

Two cases! In 24 hours! Two! Two!!!!!

Metro Melbourne’s rolling 14-day average now sits comfortable below 10 at 8.7, while regional Victoria is holding steady at just 0.6. Results from the Shepparton testing blitz are due in over the coming days and will reveal if that localised outbreak has had any significant impact. Meanwhile the Metro Melbourne unknown source count has risen slightly to 17, which remains some cause for concern.

But two! Two cases, statewide, in one whole day!

The last time Victoria had a day of two cases or lower, the footy wasn’t even back. We were still stuck in a footy-less limbo. We had been devoid of footy for two-and-a-half months at that stage, and were still two days away from the season kicking back off.

That’s so long ago.

And now we’re finally back at two. You absolute beauty.

It’s not exactly clear what this means for Dan Andrews’ planned announcements on Sunday regarding eased restrictions, which reportedly will go ahead in some form, just not the fully-blown Next Step that was previously mooted.

But even still, TWO. I cannot stress that enough here.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day in Melbourne. There’s a slight chill in the air and a little dew on the ground. There’s literally nothing stopping any of you from having a little socially distanced sit in the sun, maybe with a nice drink.

You’ve earned it, pals. Two. It’s the two day. The special two.