Viewers Baffled By Truck Explosion Vid Showing A Passerby Straight-Up Vanish

Footage of a deadly LPG gas explosion which killed a Melbourne man in 2015 has been circulated online after an edited version of the traffic camera video appeared to show a passerby ‘vanish’ from the footpath.

The Coroner’s Court of Victoria this month released video of the incident, which shows the moment a rental truck driven by 24-year-old Anthony Carnevale exploded while crossing a Footscray intersection.

Investigators believe three LPG gas canisters were in the truck at the time of the incident but were accidentally left open, allowing the highly flammable gas to enter the vehicle.

It is thought the gas ignited when a 12-volt battery in the truck caused a spark.

Facebook user Steven Elms captured the footage as it was aired on Channel 7 on Monday, showing the explosion – and a pedestrian, who seems to fade out of view of the camera moments before the deadly incident.

Elms’ recording has been viewed close to 500,000 times, prompting viewers to question the apparent disappearance of the pedestrian.

However the original footage, as provided to Nine News, shows the pedestrian continue along the footpath long after they ‘vanish’ in the Channel 7 broadcast.

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In 2017, coroner Paresa Spanos said it was incredibly fortunate that nobody apart from Carnevale – not even the pedestrian, who was metres from the truck when it exploded – was killed in the blast.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Channel 7 for comment on the footage the network took to air.