Now that Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the whole of Victoria is entering a snap five-day lockdown to help quash the new clusters and spike in community cases of COVID-19, it’s got Victorians wondering what we can and can’t do from 11.59pm Friday, February 12, until 11.59pm on Wednesday, February 17.

From visiting intimate partners to shopping, to going to work, here’s everything you need to know.

I’m in Melbourne – when does the snap lockdown end?

The circuit breaker lockdown, which follows the Stage 4 restrictions we experienced through August, will be in place from midnight on Friday. These lockdowns will be in place until 11.59pm on Wednesday, February 17.

What can I leave the house for?

Your main reasons to leave the house are:

  • Shopping for essential only, including groceries.
  • Exercise, for two hours only per day.
  • Essential work that cannot be done from home, or permitted education.
  • Caregiving or compassionate reasons.

How far am I allowed to go from my house?

We’re back to the 5km radius rule, like the last big lockdown.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Yep! Face masks are back on both indoors and outdoors during the lockdown, unless you are in your own home.

Do I need to buy 10 packets of toilet paper?

Unless you’re planning for a week’s worth of shitting yourself endlessly, no. (But I think there might be a gastro bug going around so maybe keep a couple rolls handy.)

Am I allowed to have people over?

Sorry mates, you’re not allowed anyone over who doesn’t reside at your house, or is your intimate partner.

Well, can I at least go visit my intimate partner?

Yep, you’re allowed to go and visit your intimate partner and have them visit you during this snap lockdown.

But it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend! Can I have a picnic in the park?

Public gatherings are also not permitted, meaning you can’t go for a park picnic.

Can I still go to the footy? Or the tennis?

As outdoor gatherings are not happening for the snap lockdown, crowds at the AFLW and the Australian Open are no longer permitted. If you’ve got tickets to a game or match, you can likely get a refund at your place of purchase.

Are restaurants still open?

Nope, restaurants, cafés and hospitality are closed until midnight Wednesday. You can still order in or pick up for takeaway, however.

What about weddings and funerals?

Both indoor and outdoor funerals must not have more than 10 people in attendance, excluding those conducting the service. Weddings are not permitted unless there are exceptional reasons, like the end of life. In that instance, it must be capped at five people – the couple getting married, the celebrant, and two witnesses.

I was in Melbourne the other day – do I have to lockdown too?

If you’re still in Victoria, yep you’ll have to lockdown. This is a state-wise lockdown. If you’re in another state, it’s important you have a look at the exposure sites on the Department of Health website.

One of the newest exposure sites is the Brunetti café in Terminal 4 at Tullamarine airport on February 9 – if you were in T4 any time between 4.45am and 2pm on that day, you must immediate isolate, get a test, and quarantine for 14 days.

I’m away but due to return to Victoria over the snap lockdown. What do I do?

You can still come home, but once you have returned home you must comply with the lockdown restrictions. It’s urged that if you can stay put, please do so.

I still have a question and you didn’t answer it!

It’s all a very quick lockdown, I know! If you have any more questions about the snap lockdown that you’d like us to try and suss out an answer, please chuck it in the comments or send us an email at Otherwise, keep an eye on the Victorian Department of Health website and socials for updates.

Image: Getty Images / Asanka Ratnayake