Victorians can now score a $250 payment for their power bill in a move to help address the sheer cost of living chaos.

Vic Premier Dan Andrews announced this Power Saving Bonus in May as part of the state’s budget.

“Big power companies rely on people not having the time, information or knowledge to save money,” Dan Andrews said. 

“But we know better deals are out there – and we’re helping Victorian families find them.”

Thanks Dan!

The payments kicked off on July 1 and will continue until June 30 2023. Essentially, you can score the one-off bonus through the Victorian Government’s Energy Compare site.

You can apply for the bonus by using the Energy Compare site to suss out the energy deals in your area and compare your deal to others. You can also call Energy Compare’s helpline on 1800 000 832.

Per 7News, you don’t need to switch suppliers to get the bonus — just compare them.

You’ll need to have a PDF or printed out version of your electricity bill to complete the application, plus there are a couple of eligibility requirements.

It’s one payment per household and to do the application you need to be the account holder. That’s right, start badgering your most responsible housemate now.

According to the Energy Compare website, the Power Saving Bonus will be transferred directly into your bank account instead of taken off your bills. Nice.

Dan Andrews described the bonus as a “great opportunity for Victorians to save money, ease the cost of living and cut their energy bills”.

Between the escalating price of power and petrol plus a serious lack of fresh veg on the shelves, the rebate is definitely handy.

There was a similar power rebate scheme in Queensland. It was announced at the end of May that Queenslanders would see $175 automatically taken off their next power bill.

Look, I’ll take anything to make life a little easier when I’m spending 99% of my time sitting on an electric blanket just to feel something.

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