Victoria Police Called Out A Journo Over A Bung Tweet & God, It’s Brutal Out Here

Victoria police helicopter

An Aussie journo has called out by Victoria Police over an unfounded story posted to Twitter, and people are meme-ing their brutal response.

In a since deleted tweet, Sophie Elsworth, a journalist for The Australian, tweeted: “Another new low in Melbourne, Australia. A mum told me today in bayside there was a police helicopter hovering over their nearby park. Kids were there kicking footballs, etc. This is beyond comprehension.”

Victoria Police, however, replied and brutally shut Elsworth’s comments down, claiming they confirmed “that there is no truth to this story” and that aside from choppers at the NSW border, helicopters aren’t being used to monitor CHO breaches.

Elworth’s claims come after using public play equipment was banned yesterday.

Of course, people immediately starting making jokes about the phantom helicopter, and the memes are gold.

Some people of Twitter decided to investigate the chopper claims themselves, and what do ya know – there was actually a helicopter in the area, but… it belonged to Channel 9.

Another day, another Aussie getting publicly humiliated online.