Victoria Might Become The First State To Legalise Medicinal Marijuana

Victoria might become the first Aussie state to #420LegaliseIt, with the state government set to table a report in parliament today on how to legalise medicinal marijuana for use in “exceptional circumstances”.

It’s been in the works since early September, when the state government received the Victorian Law Reform Commission report on the complex legalisation process. According to reports, the state doesn’t have the power to import the drug, so a home grown operation is looking likely. 

The logical thing would be growing it here and distilling it here so we know what the quality is,” said Greens upper house MP Colleen Hartland to Channel 9.

Legalising medicinal marijuana was a pre-election promise Premier Daniel Andrews, who promised before the November 2014 election to legalise cannabis oil to treat conditions such as cancer, Dravet Syndrome, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma and Parkinson’s disease. Opposition Leader Matthew Guy is also in support of the somewhat controversial move, but dropped in that it needs to be done properly.

Check out Channel 7‘s report on medicinal marijuana maybe getting the green light:

And throwback to when Jesse Willesee blazed up at Sydney Town Hall in protest of marijuana being illegal:

via SBS / ABC.

Image: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images.