VIC Recorded A Massive 488 Case Surge Today So Uhh Where The Fuck Did They Come From?

Victoria has recorded a massive and rather sudden spike in cases of COVID-19 today, pushing new cases well into the thousands, a drastic increase from yesterday’s numbers.

Yesterday, the state recorded 950 new cases of COVID-19, and today the case numbers have skyrocketed to 1,438. This is a spike of 488 cases, which goes against everything we expected about a gradual increase.

For example, Monday’s cases were in the 700’s, Tuesday’s in the 800’s and Wednesday’s in the 900’s. You can see where this would eventually take us, but apparently, the numbers wanted to go a bit helter-skelter this morn.

This now brings the total number of active cases in Victoria to 11,018. Just one month ago on August 30, there were only 73.

There have been some guesses online as to why this massive spike has appeared, with most assuming that the ‘freedom’ protests in Victoria have a thing or two to do with it.

Although the CFMEU (whose headquarters are now a tier-one COVID exposure site) have blamed the protestors for its recent outbreak, it’s still unclear whether today’s spike in case numbers has anything to do with that.

It would make sense, given it’s been a week since the protest, but there are other assumptions as well.

Data analyst for the Guardian, Nick Evershed, reckons that there may have just been a big chunk of numbers missing from previous days, that are now playing catch-up today, which adds up (literally).

There’s no real way to know for certain until Premier Dan Andrews says something about it, but it’s definitely a hot guess.

As always, Dan Andrews is expected to give a press conference regarding the new surge in case numbers, and we may just get an explanation as to whether this spike was just some lost data making its way in, or a direct result of large-scale protests.

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