Gather round Victorian friends, the rules are changing yet again. Now that most of us are triple vaxxed (or are going to be very soon), the Vic Government has decided to ease restrictions around wearing masks. Let those nostrils free!

In a media release on Tuesday, the Vic Gov announced that new rules around mask-wearing will be in place as of 11:59pm on Friday, Feb 25.

Not too much is changing, but it’s still good to keep up to date, especially if you have a customer-facing job or work with children. So, here are all the rules for you to easily read through and understand:

  • The work from home recommendation in Victoria will be removed.
  • Elective surgery restrictions will lift on Monday, Feb 28.
  • Hospitals will resume all surgery with capacities based on individual needs, private hospitals however will return to 100% capacity.
  • Masks will no longer be needed in most indoor settings.

Masks are only required in the following situations: 

  • Working in or visiting a hospital.
  • Catching public transport, rideshares, taxis, planes and at the airport.
  • Working in hospitality, retail, correctional facilities or the court system. (Masks are only recommended for those working in a receptionist or other customer-facing role).
  • Working as a primary school teacher or in an early childhood centre.
  • Primary school students in year 3 or above.
  • Working indoor events where attendance numbers are more than 30,000.
  • If you’re a close contact or have COVID-19 and have to leave your home under special circumstances.

Minister for Health Martin Foley also clarified the new deadlines that will be set for folks to get their third COVID-19 vaccine. It’s time to boost up babeys.

New deadlines for Victorians to be boosted:

  • All education workers in Victoria must be triple vaxxed by March 25.
  • All double vaxxed workers who are not yet eligible for a third vax have a deadline of 3 months and 2 weeks from their second dose.
  • Workers who are recent international arrivals have a deadline of four (4) weeks from arrival.

And there you have it folks, all of the new changes coming to Victoria very soon. Nothing too drastic really, but something to keep your mind active as you try to remember when and where a mask is required while you’re out and about.