In very suspicious news given Victoria’s lockdown, health officials and senior government figures just had a ‘crisis meeting’ (yikes) regarding concerns about the Indian coronavirus variant that’s been making its way around the state.

The aggressive variant has been spreading at concerning speeds, hitting vulnerable places like nursing homes, among a bunch of other places during Victoria’s seven day snap lockdown.

Unfortunately, it’s looking an awful lot like Victoria’s lockdown is going to be extended, with health officials having an ’emergency’ meeting with government figures late this evening regarding a “high-level briefing”.

NSW Health also issued a public health alert after a COVID case from Melbourne was in Jervis Bay, Goulburn, Hyams Beach, and Vincentia while potentially infectious on 23 and 24 May.

Officials haven’t actually confirmed the extension yet, but outlets like the ABC, Age and Herald Sun have all gone ahead and reported that the lockdown is going to be extended passed its Thursday deadline. Things are looking pretty fucking grim.

We don’t know long the lockdown is going to be extended for yet, but there are reports suggesting it could be anywhere between three to seven days, with the Herald Sun saying “tough restrictions [are] to remain in place until at least early next week.”

Victoria is in its fourth lockdown in 12 months, and things are feeling just as drastic and scary as before, with even toilet paper shortages returning.

There’s going to be a press conference tomorrow announcing the future of Victorians under lockdown, but given the ‘crisis’ meeting tonight, and the growing number of positive cases, it’s probably a safe bet that we won’t be getting good news.