As Victoria clocks 25 straight days of no new cases – and no active cases at all on Tuesday – the state government has announced it’ll be relaxing more COVID rules and restrictions from 6pm on Friday, March 26, when the state hits the full 28-day mark. Just in time for knockoffs, we love to see it.

Acting Premier James Merlino and Minister for Health Martin Foley announced on Tuesday morning that people in Victoria will no longer have to wear face masks while at the supermarket, shopping centres, or any retail settings.

Face masks will still have to be taken out with you though, as they still need to be worn on public transport, in rideshares and taxis, and in sensitive places like aged care and hospitals. But finally, we can go to the shops without a mask on and huff all the nice-smelling things as we wander around.

In addition to the mask rule rolling back a bit, you’ll be allowed to have up to 100 people in your home per day which is great news for house parties or huge family reunions that have previously been capped at 30.

Outside of the house, social gatherings will be pushed out to 200 people, so you can absolutely invite your whole local footy club to the park for a BBQ if you deeply desire it.

Speaking of footy, AFL games look like they’re about to get a whole lot louder from the upcoming men’s and women’s rounds, with seated entertainment venues both indoor and outdoor allowed to go up to 75% capacity from Friday evening.

Indoor non-seated venues like galleries and live gigs will also go up to 75% capacity under the relaxed COVID rules, with a maximum punter limit of 1000 – but larger events could be a possibility under arrangement with the government and health department.

Zoos, live museums, and other outdoor entertainment venues with no fixed seating will no longer have a patron limit, but will have a density limit of one person per 2 square metres. The same goes for arcades, escape rooms, and bingo centres (oddly enough), so get your dabbers ready and/or get stretching for a serious Dance Dance Revolution.

And for those who have been working from home across Victoria for the last year and a bit – offices across both the public and private sectors will be able to run at full capacity from Friday arvo. Working from home will no longer be required, but offices have to stick to the one person per 2 square metres to be COVID-safe.

You beauty.

Image: Getty Images / Quinn Rooney