A Leaked Govt Doc Says Melbourne Can Expect Another Fortnight Of Stage 4, With A Twist

Melbourne should prepare for an extra two weeks of Stage 4 lockdowns and curfews, plus a long slog before stay-at-home restrictions are totally lifted, according to a leaked draft detailing Victoria’s path out of coronavirus crackdowns.

But the State Government has reportedly rebuffed the document, saying it’s not an accurate reflection of what’s in store.

The Herald Sun reports the preliminary document suggests Stage 4 lockdowns will continue until September 28, well past the original end-date of September 13.

According to the document, the city’s 8pm–5am curfew will remain in place during that time. Current restrictions on work, travel, weddings, funerals, and reasons to leave the home will stick around, too.

But the paperwork points to some changes in the near future.

Those who live alone will be allowed to nominate one other person to swing around for a visit, regardless if they’re partners or not. Two people, or the members of a household, will also be allowed to meet in public.

Melburnians will also be permitted up to two hours of exercise per day within a 5km radius of their home, up from the current one-hour cap.

The draft states Stage 3 will come into effect from September 28. It points to the curfew lifting, plus new rules around public gatherings: You’ll be allowed to catch up with up to five people from two different households out in the open. Luxury.

According to the document, Stage 2 is a whole new world. Folks will be allowed to leave the house for any reason, and small social gatherings will come back into play, as households will be permitted to nominate up to five members of another home to enter their “social bubble”.

Stage 2 also looks like it’ll ease restrictions regarding on-site work, the hospo industry, and even permit travel to other Stage 2 areas.

But that will only come into effect when the average number of new COVID-19 cases each day drops below five over a fourteen-day span.

While the number of new daily cases is still dropping from its horrific high in early August, the state yesterday tallied a further 90 cases. Sadly, another six people died.

Mask-wearing is also gonna be sticking around for a while, according to the doc, with no clear end-date for that particular policy.

It’s important to remember that the Herald Sun says this is a leaked draft document, not a final and definitive representation of what Victoria is in for.

While the report suggests some huge changes to the daily lives of Victorians through the pandemic, the State Government has reportedly denied the document is up-to-date.

Here’s more on that statement, from ABC reporter Bridget Rollason:

The state will find out for sure on Sunday, when Premier Daniel Andrews officially reveals what’s in store.

Read more about the doc here.