Victoria Ambulance Shared Some Of The Silliest Reasons People Called 000 Incl. A Broken Zipper

A Kris Jenner meme depicting a woman calling Victoria Ambulance for a non-emergency

Victoria Ambulance have absolutely had it with people calling triple zero unnecessarily and have outed some of the more ridiculous reasons people have dialled the emergency number when they definitely shouldn’t have. Buckle up because some of these are simply wild.

In the last six months, almost 1 in 5 calls to Victoria’s triple zero service were not emergencies. In fact, the number is around 90,000. And out of those 90,000, some people have truly displayed a new level of entitlement, calling triple zero for even the most mundane forms of assistance. Like snatching a lift home.

Ambulance Victoria’s acting Chief Operations Officer Anthony Carlyon told 3AW that it’s “really common” to get calls for basic health check ups, but that some people call for more “bizarre” reasons.

Carlyon said one person called triple zero because they couldn’t get Spotify to work, and another person called because they wanted advice on how to *checks notes* fix a hole in a fence?! Unless fence is a codeword for one of your limbs, I really don’t think the ambulance can be much help here.

Apparently others have called to find RAT tests (?!?!) and heaps of people call because they just… can’t sleep. I never thought I’d say this but honestly, at that point just call your ex babe. Leave the paramedics out of it.

However, one of the stories listed stood out to me from the rest: someone called triple zero after they got stuck in a parka because their zip caught and honestly? Relatable.

Have you ever experienced the terror of getting stuck in a dress or other article of clothing alone in your room at 3am with your arms stuck in the air?? It is truly terrifying, I fully sympathise with whoever felt like they needed to call emergency services after experiencing that trauma.

Other unnecessary calls have included someone who wanted to be driven home from the hospital because they didn’t want to wait for assistance anymore, and another person whose kid’s lips turned blue… after eating blueberries.

Meanwhile I could have a dislocated shoulder and I’d still carry on with my day and convince myself that I’m fine.

Listen friends: if it’s not an actual emergency, don’t call triple zero, okay? Their resources are stretched thin as it is.

“We want Victorians to help save triple zero or emergencies, not treat it as just an easy point of call when you want some advice,” Carlyon said.

“We want to be there for the sickest Victorians.”