Victor Dominello Was Diagnosed W/ Bell’s Palsy After Concerns For Him During Today’s Presser

Victor Dominello Bell's palsy

NSW Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello has revealed he was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy just hours after people expressed concern for his welfare during today’s press conference.

During today’s morning presser, viewers expressed concern online after Minister Dominello’s eye began drooping and closing in front of the camera.

Some reached out to him and suggested he seek medical help, worried that he was having a stroke.

Dominello has revealed that since then, he went to the doctor, and after describing symptoms he’d been experiencing in the last 48 hours, was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

“At this morning’s press conference a number of people commented on my droopy eye. Some people thought I was winking at the cameraman. Some thought I had a stroke. I have actually been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy,” he said in a statement.

“About 48 hours ago I felt a pain in my skull behind my right ear. This morning I woke up with pins and needles on the right side of my tongue. I only got it checked this afternoon – after a number of people reached out to see if I was ok. Thanks to everyone who reached out.

“The reason I am posting is because hopefully it will remind people to look after their health. We are focussed on Covid but there are plenty of other health problems going on. If you have any health concerns – please get them looked after. Ps – thanks to staff at Royal North Shore – we are blessed to live in a country with this health system.”

Bell’s palsy is a sudden weakness in the muscles of half the face, and can be the result of a viral infection.

The good news is, Bell’s palsy usually goes away on its own within six months, and physiotherapy can help prevent the muscles from permanently contracting.