VIC Premier Dan Andrews Writes V. Beaut Anti-Plebiscite Letter To Turnbull

Every time we post about Victoria‘s Premier Daniel Andrews, we receive a bunch o’ comments on our Facebook stating the following four words:
And we’re sure this time will be no different – the premier has written an open letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, begging him to change his mind about the upcoming, much-dreaded same sex marriage plebiscite. 
Speaking on behalf of many LGBTQIA people – this writer included – Andrews explains that the plebiscite will harm the community, not help. The anti-LGBTQIA propaganda that will be spread by people with similar ideals to Fred Nile has the ability to incite homophobia and homophobic violence. 
Andrews also brings up the fact that this plebiscite will cost a whopping $160 million, and after spending that whopping amount of money, members of Parliament still aren’t bound to it – some Liberal politicians have already stated that they will not vote for same-sex marriage (we, for one, are soooo shocked). 
He even appeals to Turnbull by referring to his own, totally legal marriage:
“You and I have both had the privelege of standing in front of our loved ones and committing ourselves to life to another person, and both of us were afforded legal recognition when we did so. 

At the time I did not consider it unusual that I should have the legal right to marry Catherine. I realise now how precious that right is, because I’m witnessing so many people forced to fight just to be allowed to do what I did – marry the person they love.”
His post is here – it’s eloquent and emotional and SO BLOODY LOVELY:
He’s right; the rhetoric that will be carelessly thrown around during the campaigns before the plebiscite will legitimise the erasure and hatred of LGBTQIA people, simply for who they are.  
A plebiscite isn’t necessary. Having basic decency to be courteous to people, even those that are different from you, should be the norm. Respect and equality should be the norm. 
And in 2016, hating people for being gay, or transgender, or queer etc. just isn’t acceptable anymore. It just isn’t. Not sorry ’bout it. 
Nice work, Dan. 
Source: Facebook / Daniel Andrews.
Photo: Getty.