Look, we’re really sorry to have to relay a news story as shitty as this one to you this late on a Monday, but it’s important that word is spread so police can track this dickhead down.

Victoria Police are appealing for help to find the absolute scumbag who committed an act of “despicable” animal cruelty in Craigieburn last week.

At some point last Tuesday, an unknown home invader gained access to the rear of a property and approached a staffy cross who belonged to the home’s 71-year-old owner. The attacker has subsequently wrapped the dog’s entire head in duct tape, causing the poor animal to suffocate and subsequently die.

The dog, 9-year-old Toby, was a rescue animal from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital who had been with the elderly woman for approximately 5-years, and was her only companion following the recent death of her husband.

Detective Senior Constable Lee Barton stated that it was a “despicable act” of cruelty:

“Toby was a 9-year-old rescue dog and described as very friendly in nature.”

“This incident has understandably caused the owner great distress and we would like to find the person responsible as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile Detective Sergeant Peter Griffiths reiterated Barton’s comments, noting how Toby’s gentle nature enabled his attackers to commit the atrocious act.

“This is a terrible crime. The dog died in a very distressed way.”

“It was a gentle dog, wouldn’t hurt anyone. That’s certainly why the offender or offenders were able to tie it up and tape its nostrils and mouth.”

Police stated the property is fenced off, but does back on to railway tracks, leading them to believe this was a random attack.

If you’ve got any information at all – seriously, ANY – about who on earth would do such an utterly reprehensible thing, please do not hesitate to contact Crime Stoppers on 1300 333 000.

Poor Toby. This is fucking heartbreaking. 🙁

Source: The Age.

Photo: Victoria Police.