VIC Police Could Arrest Flog Sam Newman After He Urged His 250K Followers To Protest Lockdowns

Sam Newman is completely irrelevant these days, but he still manages to find reasons to reappear and cause chaos. In Newman’s latest move he has called on 250,000 people to protest the Melbourne lockdown laws, this Saturday.

Newman took to Twitter yesterday, asking his followers to head to the CBD this weekend and take Victoria back. When asked about how he would deal with Victoria Police, he responded with “too many to prosecute.”

According to 7News, the Victorian police could potentially arrest Newman for inciting illegal activity. This would be classified as incitement, which is when “a person incites people to pursue a course of conduct which will involve the commission of an offence.”

Another man has already been arrested and charged for inciting protests for this Saturday. This also also comes after several arrests were made, due to protests over the weekend in Melbourne’s northern and south eastern suburbs. The police are now investigating those responsible for inciting the protests.

“Victoria Police is actively investigating those responsible for coordinating and encouraging protest activity on Saturday,” police told 7 News.

“Those still thinking of attending the CBD to protest can expect a swift and firm response from police.

“We have no hesitation in issuing $1,652 fines to anyone breaching Chief Health Officer directions or making arrests on the day if necessary.”

Let’s hope people use their common sense this weekend, and not follow the advice of yet another COVIDiot, Sam Newman.