Victoria Police are on the hunt for a cyclist who’s been mugging people with a plastic gun.

On February 12 this year, around 5:30pm, the bloke cycled up to a St Albans Road servo, approached a staff member with the gun, demanded cash, and then cycled off.

Then on March 16, around 9:35pm, the same bloke approached a 51-year-old woman in an underground shopping centre car park in Deer Park and threatened her with the same plastic gun.

The woman complied and handed over her two handbags. The offender then pushed the victim over, hopped on his pushbike, and managed to speed away all of 10-metres before he “stacked his getaway vehicle” (official police words) and dropped the victim’s phone.

He jumped back on his bike, and this time managed to get away about 50-metres before riding into a pole, falling off his bike, and dropping his ‘gun’, which was revealed to be made of plastic when it broke to pieces.

The woman wasn’t hurt in the incident, and the mugger dumped her bags on the median strip outside.

Brimbank Embona detectives are now hunting for the man, believed to be of Southern European or Caucasian appearance, aged in his 20s or 30s, and – at the time of the shopping centre incident – was wearing a black baseball cap, black hooded top, black gloves, jeans and white runners.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Photo: Black Mirror.