A lil’ while ago, Greens leader Richard Di Natale found himself staring at accusations he hadn’t properly declared a business interest to the Senate. 

Claims were spinning around that the government wasn’t made entirely privy to the goings-on at his farm – and the powers that be need to be informed of this sort of thing so pollies can’t, you know, obviously bend the rules in their favour to make a quick buck. 

Well, in the end, Di Natale cleared the whole shebang up, and we were left thinking that’d probably be the last we hear about politicians conveniently forgetting to declare their business interests. 


Liberal candidate for the Victorian seat of Calwell John Min-Chiang Hsu just made the Di Natale ordeal look like some kind of well-meaning prank, ’cause the bloke somehow “forgot” to alert the party to his Frankston brothel. 

We can only assume when the party asked if he, uh, owned any brothels, he responded thusly:

VIC Liberal Candidate Drops Out After Legit Failing To Declare His Brothel

The Victorian Liberal Party issued a statement on the issue this arvo, saying Hsu has “resigned, with immediate effect, as an endorsed candidate of the Liberal Party and has resigned as a member of the party” following the discovery.

In a move that would defy belief if we hadn’t already become so numb to Australian politics, Hsu attempted to deny owning Paradise Playmates (“the best brothel in Frankston,” fyi), despite documents showing the joint is tied to a man with identical deets. 

It’s important to note the place is legal and regulated by the state, but still. Damn, son. 

Hsu’s sudden absence from the election – and from the party – means the Libs won’t be able to pit a challenger against the rusted-on Labor incumbent Maria Vamvakinou, who has held Calwell for fifteen years. 

All because the ownership of a real-fkn-life brothel somehow escaped the memory of a legitimate political candidate. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Bring on July 2. Now. PLEASE.

VIC Liberal Candidate Drops Out After Legit Failing To Declare His Brothel

Source: The Age.
Photo: Facebook.