VIC Govt Will Invest $500K In LGBTQ+ Mental Health Through The Plebiscite

We can imagine that progressive Victorians are just like, continuously clapping in the streets due to the actions and pledges of Daniel Andrews and his Labor government, particularly in the field of LGBTQIA issues; same-sex marriage, huge changes to laws around transgender people’s birth certificates, and just generally prioritising LGBTQIA health (just to name a few).
Well – I don’t care how flippin’ sore your hands are, prepare to continue clapping.
VIC Minister for Equality & Mental Health Martin Foley has exclusively told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the Andrews government will be donating $500,000 to Victorian mental health services solely to support LGBTQIA people in the lead up to, and during the plebiscite. 
With the date for the plebiscite agreed upon (it’s gonna be on February 11, if it goes ahead), Foley‘s office says that the 500k will help to “support the LGBTI community over the next six months amid public debate and scrutiny”.
The half a milli package will include a range of measures aimed specifically to assist young people in the community, an awareness campaign to support LGBTQIA Victorians and other vulnerable groups affected by the plebiscite, and a funding increase to key LGBTQIA agencies in order to better provide support.
Foley explains further, 

“The plebiscite is unnecessary – it is a Liberal Party opinion poll that sets a dangerous precedent at an unnecessary expense.

A campaign hasn’t even started and we are already starting to see the impact – that’s why Victoria needs to be ready to stand by our LGBTI community.

We will act quickly to ensure our agencies have additional resources and our community is aware of the need to support their friends and neighbours during a damaging campaign.”
While Federal Cabinet agreed upon the date, wording of the question, and funding for the ‘Yes’ () and ‘No’ () campaigns the other day, Bill Shorten has directed the Labor party to reject the plebiscite completely.
If the plebiscite didn’t go ahead, it’d help and possibly save the lives of LGBTQIA people, as they’d be able to avoid the no doubt harmful and abusive situations the plebiscite would bring. 
But if it does go forward, it’s heartwarming to see pollies like Foley and Andrews moving early on to help protect their LGBTQIA community. Huge.  
Source/Photo: Supplied.