Victorian State Government officials have formally directed Metro Trains to immediately remove Sky News from the screens in Melbourne’s City Loop stations, as the fallout from the network’s deadshit decision to put an actual Nazi on-air continues.

Victorian Transport Minister Jacinta Allan confirmed the decision earlier this morning via Twitter, asserting that “hatred and racism have no place on our screens or in our community.”

The screens, present on platforms in tunnel stations ParliamentMelbourne Central, and Flagstaff, previously played various news bulletins from Sky in between advertising and station announcements. However, that’s all set to change now.

Appearing on 3AW after the announcement was made, Allan discussed the network’s insane and baffling decision to interview convicted criminal, overt neo-Nazi, and man who looks like a several off-tapioca puddings taped together Blair Cottrell, even though they could’ve just as easily not done that.

I think I’ve got a responsibility as the public transport minister to ensure that passengers aren’t bombarded with what’s really shocking content and messages.

If people choose to access that content at home, travelling in their own private time they can absolutely do that. But as the public transport minister when it’s a public asset that is being used to promote or televise particular content, I think I’ve got a responsibility to make sure that content’s appropriate.

Allan reportedly held long-term concerns about broadcasting Sky News in such a public setting. This interview serves as the final straw.

Lobster-loving weed Matthew Guy, who is the State Opposition leader in Victoria, is said to believe the decision is an overreaction.

Predictably, Sky’s cast of on-air nuffies have done their block over the decision, with Andrew Bolt in particular wheeling out the “political censorship” cart, wobbly wheel and all, right on cue.

The Andrews Government is in talks with Metro Trains as to what content will replace Sky at Melbourne’s train stations.

Source: ABC News
Image: Getty Images / Jeff Greenberg