OMG: A Vic AirBnB Host Told Guest To ‘Burn In Hell’ After Writing It Was ‘Just OK’ In A Review

In what appears to be a case of unfathomable overreaction, an Airbnb host has told a guest that they were going to “burn in hell” after writing that his property was “just OK” in a review for a travel website.

According to The Age, the owner of the property in Hepburn David Penman was fined $2500 without a conviction after pleading guilty to using a carriage service to harrass the former guest. Not only did he tell the guest she’d “burn in hell” via voice message, he also sent her a string of threatening emails and text messages.

In the voice message left on May 2021, Penman allegedly said: “You have greatly misjudged me…I’ll see you in f—ing court, you better have a lot of money. This is not over, we’re not accepting a payout. We’re going to f—ing court, and you will burn in hell”.

All this because the woman left a two word review and gave the property two out of five stars. Imagine telling someone to “burn in hell” over two words. It’s giving drama queen.

The property is called Clifftop at Hepburn and its website boasts that the home has garnered “countless awards, accolades and media coverage”. Hmm yes. Media coverage indeed.

I mean, looking at the website, the property looks pretty nice to me. Definitely better than the hotel I stayed at in 2018 where the pillowcases gave me pink eye in both eyes (I don’t want to talk about it).

But that’s beside the point. People should be free to leave polite and honest reviews online without being harassed. It’s called free speech babes.

Penman’s barrister Mihal Greener said her client’s behaviour was “very much out of character” and was a result of stress due to his business suffering under travel restrictions to regional Victoria during the pandemic, as per The Age.