Dating website EliteSingles have mined their database of members to uncover which Australian cities have the most sexual activity.
More than 25,000 people from across the country were asked the same question – ‘Do you have a high sex drive’ – before the raw data was handed onto an esteemed group of analysts, clinical psychologists and university professors with PHDs in Sex* to deduce which of the country’s ‘hoods are the most sexually active.
NSW came out on top, claiming five of the “sexiest” suburbs in the top ten, closely followed by VIC with four suburbs. 
Essentially the results suggest that, if you live close to a body of water, i.e. Broadbeach on the Gold Coast and basically anywhere on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, that your libido game is strong. So ~congrats~ 
Things are less positive if you live inland or anywhere that could be considered regional i.e. Shepparton in Victoria and Caboolture in Queensland
Here’s the full list, ranked according to libido:
Highest libidos:
1. Coogee, NSW
2. Manly, NSW
3. South Melbourne, VIC
4. Cronulla, NSW
5. Port Melbourne, VIC
6. Broadbeach, QLD
7. Darlinghurst, NSW
8. St Kilda, VIC
9. Bondi, NSW
10. Brunswick, VIC
Lowest libidos:
1. Shepparton, VIC
2. Caboolture, QLD
3. Sunbury, VIC
4. Glenroy, VIC
5. Albury, NSW
*Not really
Via EliteSingles