The appeal of leaving your mark on this world, however big or small, is absolutely understandable. Chasing recognition and being remembered long after you’re gone is human nature; and having your name be etched permanently into the earth is a very prideful thing.

Not all of us can discover plan, or cure diseases, or lead nations. Some of us have to simply chance upon some drying cement and bore our name into stone that way. It’s simple. It’s effective. And it lasts a lifetime.

‘Course not all of us are the Brain Genius™ enough to put our full goddamned name and home address into concrete. But not all of us are clear criminal masterminds.

WA Police closed what should go down in history as one of the easiest cases of criminal damage ever seen in the state, charging a man in Kellerberrin after he encountered a freshly laid gutter and wrote his actual full name and actual home address into the concrete.

Full name. Home address. Right into the concrete.

Call me crazy, but I dare say it didn’t take some Carmen Sandiego-like international escapade to track this Criminal Mastermind down.


Source: Kellerberrin Police.

Photo: Kellerberrin Police/Twitter.