Tennis Star Bernard Tomic Shares Fucked Response On Insta After His GF Leaked Disturbing Video

Tennis star Bernard Tomic has responded on Instagram after his girlfriend, influencer Vanessa Sierra, posted a video that appeared to show him snapping her laptop.

“Don’t mess with a tennis player’s ego,” Sierra captioned the clip which was shared to both TikTok and Instagram.

“$16,000 worth of damage, currently can’t work and half a mil in crypto is locked I’ll give $100 for the first person who can guess what happened.”

The incident seemingly occurred while on holiday in Croatia, according to the tag on the post.

After the video went viral, Bernard Tomic took to his Instagram Stories to share the following message about Vanessa Sierra: “@Vanessa5ierra thinks leaking our tapes on her OnlyFans is going to affect me. Hold up let me re-count my millions.”

Last weekend, Vanessa Sierra, who starred on Love Island Australia, shared a series of messages on Instagram, hinting that she and Bernard Tomic had split up.

“I’ve always been real and raw with you guys about my life, both my ups and downs despite potential judgment,” Vanessa Sierra wrote on Instagram last Sunday.

“And you have always been incredibly supportive and my rocks. I’ll speak to you all when I’m ready.”

She then added, “You gotta be with someone who got plans for both of y’all, not just them,” as well as another post that read: “Fool me twice,” along with a broken heart emoji.

The next day, comedian Dave Hughes went on his radio show, Hughesy, Ed and Erin Catch Up, and revealed that Vanessa Sierra had messaged him on Instagram about the Bernard Tomic split, prompting her to share the following reaction on Instagram:

“For anyone who listened to Hughesy on the radio I never confirmed a break-up,” she wrote.

“My initial response saying, ‘I don’t talk to media’ does not count as a reply to his DM.

“Clearly off the record means nothing these days,” she concluded, along with the hashtag ‘fakenews’.”

Dave Hughes later apologised on The Morning Crew, saying: “I never said that they’d broken up. I said that she had sent me some DMs. I didn’t say what she said in the DMs.”

He added, “I definitely shouldn’t have said ‘it’s fair to say they have broken up’. I shouldn’t have said that… and I apologise to you now, Vanessa.

“I hope that we can build a bridge… so that we can be friends again.”

Bernard Tomic and Vanessa Sierra have been dating since last year.