Of all the pieces of shit currently walking this planet, convicted domestic abuser and eternal douchelord Chris Brown has to be one of the most consistently reprehensible.

Point and case is his latest public display of ignorant bullshittery, taking to Instagram yesterday (which ICYMI was International Women’s Day) to randomly post a snippet of Vanessa Carlton‘s all-time hit A Thousand Miles.

Guess what though fucko, Vanessa Carlton was not about to have THAT going down on this here internet thank you very fucking much, firing back a classy yet simmering rebuttal, stating “I support survivors of perpetrators of domestic violence. I do not want to be associated with an artist that has assaulted women on a day like today.”

Her Instagram has since been set to private, a wise move imho as it stops the Chris Brown fans (how does he still have them???) from trolling her, but this account has the reciepts:

As you can see Shithead McGee attempted to return serve accusing Carlton of spreading hatred, which is almost laughable coming from a man who beat Rihanna over the face repeatedly causing (as the court case read) her “mouth to fill with blood and blood to spatter all over her clothing”. Yeah, let’s listen to what you think women should or should not do you irredeemable scumbag.

Fuckstain Brown then followed up this insanity by posting the scene from White Chicks where Terry Crews sings A Thousand Miles. Why? Because misogynist’s brains dont work like regular peoples I suppose:


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Whatever. You got bodied by Vanessa Carlton. Jog off.

Image: YouTube / Vanessa Carlton